Mitsuoka constantly lives by its motto “A Small Factory with A Big Dream”.

Mitsuoka is a Japanese automobile company recognized for manufacturing exclusive cars with unique styling & make-up. Officially recognized in Japan in 1996 as the 10th Japanese automobile manufacturer, Mitsuoka cars are carefully designed, crafted and built at its factory in Toyama, Japan. Mitsuoka explicitly blends the irony of its designs and fittings where its cars can be both conventional and unique and both classic and modern. It is a car that speaks status and signifies accomlishments.

Being one of the smallest and if not the youngest automobile manufacturer, Mitsuoka has a big dream. Mitsuoka is continuously striving to refine its craftmanship and committed to cutting-edge technology and reliable performance that give the car owner peace of mind for owning a prestigious car at such status. You can be sure that you will not get tired of it quickly.



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